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Download link?

Hi - my publisher has asked that I take it down since we'll be offering the game as a physical release early next year.



Where has the download gone to? I purchased the game for 12 bucks but I'm not able to download it anymore.

Hi! We've gotten a publisher for the game and they've asked that I take the download link down (Mega Cat Studios - they'll be releasing the game as a physical GB cartridge). However, I've worked it out so that folks who bought the game here will get an updated ROM for free when the game is released. I'll make sure to e-mail everyone when that's ready.

Agreeing with the other comment, the sie of the hit boxes is ridiculous.
Like for example the flowers: I stand fara enough away that the flying past pellets and me have 5 meters inbetween us.
yet I get hit nonetheless cause the hitbox is apparently so damn big.

or dying snake, gives me game over sicne I am apparently inside its hit box.

hit boxes need to fit the actual objects better.

Hi there! I'm working on the beta version of the full game now (which is going to get a physical release) and have done some tweaks to collision and i-frames so this should hopefully be less of an issue. With the tools I have, it's impossible to edit the hitboxes themselves, but with the workarounds I've added, the new version plays smoother (I'll likely update the demo soon too once the full thing goes into beta.)

This is a pretty amazing game, I wanted to finish the demo but the collisions are a little annoying. 

It would be amazing to make the collision boxes of either the player or enemies smaller so it doesn't feel it is pixel perfect and I get damaged because of a very tiny pixel difference.

Overall, love the whole design, read your articles about the world design of the game and it is incredible :) Just repeating a long sequence of the game made me feel I either need to play it in an emulator with save states so I don't need to do all of that or maybe add more save points :)

A minor suggestion: I think you could change the health to be hearts like zelda instead of value since the smallest damage is always 25 :) 

Thanks again for creating this game and looking forward for the final version :)


Thank you for the very nice comments and feedback! I'm going to do what I can within what the engine (GB Studio) allows, but those are some things that I've seen in other playtests and will try to take a look.


¿final versión?

The current ROM is not the final version.

I just saw your game on twitter. I have two questions. The cart you are flashing will be avalaible for sale ? Any demo for the game ? Thx

Hi! The demo is on the website and playable in browser. I don't have anything to announce at the moment regarding physical copies but it is something we are pursuing. We'll announce on Twitter and Itch if plans for a physical edition crystalize.



Neat game !
Could you share the box art on this page ?
It's only available as a thumbnail for this page as far as I know, and only partially

Very beautiful and cool!

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Looks fantastic and easily my favourite start screen I've seen on a GBS game so far. The book in the library needs a space between andrequire by the way.

Looking forward to playing more of it

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.


Will you make it possible to download the ROM? That would make it easier for me to play


I will after I clean some things up and add some stuff. It got into MAGFest so that should be happening in the next few weeks so that the demo is con-ready :-)

cool :) 

I don't have a select key on my keyboard.

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Oops - that was a typo. The Shift key stands in for the Select button when playing on a keyboard.I edited that section of the description so it's correct now.

in gb studio

hay can i use your combat in my game just pls


I've been asked to publish a guide for GB Studio Central, so keep an eye out for that!


Add checkpoints


Thanks for the feedback! There are 2 save tents where you can save your progress. I'll make sure they show up on the map in future versions of the demo though (the map was a very late addition before a deadline so it's very basic right now.) 


I love this! I really enjoy the overgrown jungly vibe. It’s a little hard because you don’t have any invincibility frames. Great graphics too

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah - I'm still working with the "disable collision" scripting function on the player character to sort out how to do better invincibility frames, but that's absolutely on the list (along with making the snakes not turn into pinballs when hit...)